From the object to the landscape, inside out, the creative process of Studio Arthur Casas is intimately connected to a horizontal scale, where the main concern is the dialogue in the conception of programs that can be as diverse as a chair or an entire neighborhood, influenced by a spirit both modernist and contemporary that is Brazilian but also cosmopolitan.

Since 1990, the team of designers, architects and urbanists works from São Paulo and NY, and has built in several cities worldwide such as Tokyo, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, NY and São Paulo, creating a vocabulary that is recognized and published internationally.

Arthur Casas
Photo Bob Wolfenson

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The individual is the center of architecture. Houses, buildings and environments not only shelter our bodies and our actions, but they also harbor our minds, our dreams, our memories and our desires. Architecture and design give shape to the human experience of being in the world, strengthening our notion of being and directly influencing our lives.

The environments we design and build should not follow fads, trends, styles or seek only the dramatic and spectacular gesture. On the contrary, they must be living, welcoming, empathic, flexible, full of different possibilities of interaction that can, over time, transform the lives of the individuals who occupy them.

Our creative process assumes that in architecture the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. It is the quality of the whole that permeates, controls and affects every detail of our design. Therefore, our attention is directed to all scales, from architecture to furniture, from the smallest of the objects to the choice of all the materials used. The perception of the environments happens totally, not only with our eyes, but with all our senses, our bodies and our emotions.


Arthur Casas
Founding Architect

Regiane Khristian
Director Architect

Gabriel Ranieri
Projects Director Architect

Nara Telles
Projects Director Architect

Raissa Furlan
International Director Architect


Ana Maria Pedreschi

Augusto Henrique Mattos Godoi

Beatriz Mello

Cadu Villela

Camila Barros Gonçalves

Carla Munike de Oliveira Silveira

Diracema Gonçalves dos Santos

Daniela Miranda

Eduardo Mikowski

Fabíola Cristina Andrade

Felipe Sanquetta

Fernanda V. Mori

Flora Monteiro

Gabriel Leitão

Helen Basso Garcia

João Marcos Pobbe dos Santos

Kelen Cristina

Ligia Damin do Nascimento

Manoela Maria Vilaça

Marcelo Sousa Melo

Maria Pereira

Mayara Capistrano Fook

Natalia Lorenzoni

Nicholas Theo Rabelo Schley

Nicole Hanna

Ose Fernandes

Paula Carolina Salomão Real

Rafael Palombo Motta Leite

Rafaela Franco de Barcelos

Rodrigo Bocater

Tatiana Maria Tarkieltaub Ordine

Valentina Lindner

Vicente Santos

Vinicius Vitoriano

Vitor Sá

Ligia Damin

Mayara Fook

Airis Rocha

Ana Paula Alves

Bruna Monteiro

Carolina Portugal

Felipe Sanquetta

João Cheng

João Lisboa

João Vitor

Karina Ricci

Marcela Coelho

Marcela Du Plessis

Marcela França

Nathalia Reys

Virginia Mattos

Vitoria Wilma


Working since 1990, Studio Arthur Casas has gained recognition over the years and has received numerous national and international awards such as World Architecture Festival, Best of Year, iF Design Award, Frame Awards, Red Dot Design Award, Leaf Awards and Architecture Masterprize, among others.

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Our projects are recognized by prestigious national and international publications such as Dwell, Architectural Record, Wallpaper, Interior Design, AD, Interni and many others.