With experienced professionals in industrialized constructive systems and for five years devoted entirely to research in the residential field, the startup SysHaus finds the solution to equate excluding factors of conventional constructions: speed, technical and aesthetical quality and environment consciousness. Thus, the 200m2 SysHaus house brings a new concept for contemporary living, where efficiency, practicality and sustainability are not only ideal, but also effective practices.


The structural system is composed of pillars and beams with the same section, connected by a metallic cube that works as a structural node. When combined, they can result in different configurations of layouts and attend several programs within a limit of up to three floors, either in a flat or sloped terrain. The external and internal finishings, such as floors, walls and linings, are also conceived as part of a docking system. In this way, you can assembly and disassemble the residence in the lot without generating waste or consuming natural resources such as water – abundantly wasted in conventional construction. From design to conclusion can take only 6 months.


Named as “ecosystemic”, the houses are designed with efficient systems and 100% recyclable components. Therefore, they do not need adaptations to include sustainable solutions. Thus, the house is already delivered with mechanisms of rainwater capture and reuse, solar energy through photovoltaic panels and a biodigestor that transforms organic waste into gas for the kitchen and fireplace. It is still possible to choose a green roof, which contributes naturally for thermal and acoustic comfort. The house is high-energy efficient.


SysHaus can also have automation features. Smart locks controlled by a mobile phone, cameras connected to devices and water management system are some other items that customer can include in your home.

Efficiency also happens in the purchase, where the customer buys the house as a product, customizing and choosing options with defined prices and deadlines. There is no negative surprises, common in conventional constructive systems. The use of intelligent materials and an industrialized process allows durability above standards. The projects have a 20 years warranty.


For design to match the engineering quality, Arthur Casas Design signs the first line of the brand. The interiors displays furniture, utilities, finishes and accessories drawn by Arthur Casas in partnership with large national companies and industries – most of the pieces are a release in the market.


The architect and designer conceived the interiors within the freestanding concept. Cabinets and kitchen, usually fixed in walls or partitions, arrived in the house in independent modules. In this way, in case of moving, the customer can transfer everything to the new address. The line of houses signed by Arthur Casas and team can have variations on finishing, coatings and layouts, so the customer can choose the one of their preference.

The landscaping is from Renata Tilli, who chose species adaptable to the climate of any region.

A SysHaus product can always contain all the innovative technologies, already available or that will be discovered in the future. The house allows a constant process of updating and evolution.


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