Ritmo Building

On the façade, brises in the form of concrete frames are replicated in a complex modular variation: sometimes framing a double height ceiling, sometimes breaking the volume and assuming the role of a guardrail, or even occupying the floor-ceiling of a unit.

“we seek to break with the perception of floors, grouping and reorganizing the different heights of the modules to bring a new composition to the whole,” explains Gabriel Ranieri, partner and project director at Studio Arthur Casas.

Technical Sheet


The mixed-use development, predominantly residential, makes use of this façade
solution to create an aesthetic identity for the project and also guarantee the preservation of the apartments’ intimacy – since the internal skin of the building is practically entirely made of glass –, without obstructing the entrance of natural light.


The social and well-being areas, as well as the leisure equipment, are distributed between the ground floor and the top floor, where all residents have the opportunity to enjoy a privileged view of the city of São Paulo.


The standard plans vary in typologies between an apartment with two suites, measuring, and another, with a suite. Ritmo also stands out for its relationship with the city, whose program at street level creates permeability between public and private spaces. The ground floor was designed to be both inviting and functional. Access to the business address is separated from vehicle and resident entrances by a curved plinth made of wooden slats.