Vilas do Green

Tied together by a central square, the seventeen houses that make up this villa—located in a residential condominium in the interior of the state of São Paulo—are arranged across sloping terrain with a privileged view out over a golf course. The challenge with this design was to preserve residents’ privacy while making the most of the surrounding landscape.

Technical Sheet

The idea was for each house to complement the next, with the lots laid out and set apart by stone walls. Wood textures evoke a rustic air and seek to incorporate the houses into their surroundings without standing out from the landscape; built-in winter gardens heighten this integration, with nature penetrating into residential spaces.


The ground floor includes a generous living room, four suites, and a home theater. All of these spaces open onto a garden with thin wooden blinds running along the walls and creating a sense of continuity between interior and exterior. A barbecue setup, sauna, and fire pit, as well as an infinity pool—further diluting the sense of the houses’ “edges”—make up the outdoor leisure area.


On the upper level, floating above the stone structure, the master suite􀁢has an even more impressive view, and connects to a private garden terrace. The garden also functions as a green roof and helps to regulate the temperature in the houses, which are also cross-ventilated through lateral openings.