Saraiva Bookstore

The idea of a space that would seem like a cross between a public square and a library—made for socializing, leisure, and concentration—guided the design for this branch of the Livraria Saraiva, in Rio de Janeiro. From unexpected paths to cozy reading spots, the bookstore was thought out to make clients stay longer and come back as often as possible. The main issue was how to organize a massive amount of information in a stimulating fashion, with enough flexibility to adapt to different uses and needs—including room for new reading media.


A double-height ceiling at the entryway broadens the space, with seemingly floating showcases to highlight books and objects. Placed on tracks and thought out to guarantee the visibility of all the works on display, shelves run across all the sections and allow for multiple layout configurations.


The satiny silver ceramic flooring—3 m2 plates 5 mm thick—is set off by the mat oak present throughout the store. While lending warmth to the space, the natural wood emphasizes the wealth of colors and textures in the books arranged on the shelves.


Across the bookstore, armchairs, ottomans, and other pieces create pleasant, enticing environments so that visitors can enjoy their reading or simply be in the moment. The children’s section in the basement, meanwhile, is enlivened by a colored ramp leading downward in an organic, playful invitation, with a space adapted for a child-size perspective.