DS House

The complete renovation of this residence, originally designed by architect Ugo di Pace in the 1980s, aimed to expand the spaces in the house and adapt them to the new lifestyle of the owners, a couple whose children had moved out. Making use of the robust structure in place, taking up nearly the entirety of the lot, this design was guided by the twin principles of practicality and total communication between the spaces in the residence, looking to soften the edges of the construction by introducing more openings and revealing views of the landscape in the process.

Technical Sheet


On the ground floor, the living and dining rooms are joined to the garden, pool, and veranda through massive sheets of glass that slide into the external walls, as well as by the travertine finishing throughout. A long, functional wooden piece of furniture, which wraps around the existing concrete structures, alternately sets social areas apart and integrates them.


The upper level includes the master suite, with two closets and two bathrooms; the home theater, connected to the living room by an original staircase made of recovered railway sleepers; a small gymnastics area, integrated into the master bedroom; and the guest room, which opens up onto a small internal patio.


Panels of slatted eucalyptus cover the façade and interact with the original curves of the exterior, forming an undulating design that helps to lend the whole a sense of lightness.


Much of the furniture was acquired in the United States, bringing in works by designers such as Vladimir Kagan and Paul Evans; they coexist marvelously with pieces by local icons such as Jorge Zalszupin. In a first for our designs, green took the lead in the pared-down color palette.